You'll never know what Marjorie may have from time to time.

Marjorie raised these two through the winter of '99-'00

Drop by to check the latest arrivals and departures.

Marjorie found a new home for the ostriches in May of 2000.


These Photos taken Just before they left for there new home.

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Click on the photos for an enlargement...The enlarged photo will open up in a new window. Just close out the window to get back to here. I hope this is clear. 
See my friend, Spot, she's a spring lamb..
Check out my feet. Click on the photo for a closer look see.

Marjorie visited us this summer at our new home, but the photos didn't come out.  So next time Marjorie visit us she will take some more and post them here.  So keep check back from time to time.

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